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Character Name: Pinkie Pie
Series: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Timeline: Post season two, ep. 14 (A Friend in Deed)
Canon Resource Link: MLP Wikia Page

Character Background: Pinkie Pie (born Pinkamena Diane Pie) grew up in a little dusty rock farm, disconnected from the rest of pony society. She didn't like the drudgery of farming and the dull, muted landscape was a poor fit for her exhuberant nature. When Rainbow Dash's first sonic rainboom blasted loud colours across the sky and frizzled her once straight hair into its now typical curls, she was struck by the terrific joy that she'd never been able to feel before. It was then that she decided to dedicate her life to bringing other people happiness. She spent the rest of the day and the whole night setting up her very first party and helped her straight-laced family to relax and have some fun. She presently lives in Sugarcube Corner, a bakery run by Mr and Mrs Cake who “love her like a daughter” (according to the show's creator, Lauren Faust).

She was the first pony Twilight Sparkle met when she came to Ponyville, but she was so stunned by a new arrival to befriend that she gasped and fled before the two could become properly acquainted. Her introduction only properly happens in a fast paced gabble during the party she set up in Twilight's library. Despite later in that episode inadvertently but enthusiastically offending the dangerous Nightmare Moon, Pinkie Pie turns out to be a true asset to the ponies when her light-hearted, optimistic approach to life saves them from the ghouls that block their path whilst hunting for the Elements of Harmony. During the final showdown with Nightmare Moon, Pinkie Pie takes the role of the Element of Laughter. Mere milliseconds after dramatically crying floods of tears during Princess Celestia's reunion with her sister, Pinkie Pie announces another party. Because that's what Pinkie Pie does best.

Pinkie Pie loves to party. In the third episode, Pinkie Pie is desperate for a ticket to the Grand Galloping Gala because it's the biggest party in Equestria and she's always, always wanted to go. Her solution to a hostile griffon bullying one of her friends and stealing another is to throw a welcome party in the hopes that she will mellow out. She uses party gear and silly costumes to try to convince a sour dragon to leave Ponyville. She throws her pet alligator a birthday party and tries to throw him an after-birthday party the very next day – forgetting, in the process, that it's her own birthday. When she believes that her friends don't actually enjoy her parties, she loses faith in herself and locks herself away with a pile of rocks, a bag of flour, and some other new friends.

This isn't the only example of her vulnerable side. When the Cakes reluctantly leave their newborn twins in her care, after asking everyone else, Pinkie Pie soon finds herself overwhelmed by their advanced powers and intense needs – but when Twilight comes to her aid, stating that she knew Pinkie couldn't do it alone, she throws her out of the door.

Pinkie Pie knows everyone in Ponyville on a deep level – down to minutiae like how many days there are until their next birthday. When she finds someone, she must befriend them – which becomes difficult when they don't want to be her friend. She will go out of her way to help anyone, but sometimes this results in more difficulties for them – such as the embarrassment she caused Cranky Doodle Donkey when she announced to all of Ponyville that he needed a new wig. But even when they it becomes apparent that they will not be her friend, she will still try to make them smile and make amends for anything she's done wrong (which, admittedly, is sometimes a lot, but never on purpose). She also tries to be sensitive to other people's needs – she understands that Cranky Doodle likes quiet (even if she finds that hard to manage) and she will never prank Fluttershy, as she's too delicate and will take it personally.

Pinkie Pie's relationship with reality is distant at best. She easily gets lost in her own head and can be hard to follow when talking for an extended length of time. Whilst commentating on a race, she picks up on Spike's comment about a grudge between two racers and responds with “Yes! And grudge rhymes with fudge and I like fudge, but if I eat too much I get a pudge and I can't budge!”. Her co-commentator could only respond by staring at her in bewilderment.

Unsurprisingly, people tend not to take Pinkie very seriously. So when Parasprites are taking over Ponyville and only Pinkie knows how to get rid of them, everyone ignores her. Eventually, she saves the day by donning an arsenal of instruments and becoming a one-man band. However, since her solution to the threat of war is to sing a song about getting along, they've got reason to take her with more than a pinch of salt.

Abilites/Special Powers: Pinkie Pie regards the fourth wall as more of a fourth window, jumping out of it on occasion. She also regards things like gravity and the barriers of space as something that happens to other people, managing to teleport to wherever the person she's trying to talk to happens to be. But that's nothing but a trifle compared to her Pinkie Sense, which Twilight's beloved science can't explain. Pinkie Pie can predict the future to an extent with her Pinkie Sense, which manefests itself in a variety of twitches. She uses this power whilst being Mare Do Well in order to save a team of construction workers from falling equipment.

Another of her special talents is concocting songs on the spur of the moment. Pinkie Pie can and will sing about anything and everything, but her songs don't always go down well with her friends. Back in Equestria also has access to many weird and wonderful machines including a hovercraft, a party cannon and a welcome wagon unlike any other.

Third-Person Sample:
This was the hardest thing she'd ever had to do. Harder even than that time she'd been left in charge of Twilight's library and she'd brought the baby Cakes in and Pumpkin turned all the books into cupcakes and they were all candy-floss flavoured, Pinkie's favourite flavours of all her most favourite flavours! But she'd managed to keep the babies from eating most of them and she'd limited herself to a bite or two, a lick here and here (it wouldn't matter if there was a page or two missing, would it?) and everything turned out a-plus okay!

She gripped the strange tongs that Rarity had lent her and carefully applied it to her hair. Gritting her teeth, she pulled the straighteners down over her frizzy mane. The newly released, straight strands flopped down in her face. Before she'd even pushed them aside and tried another section, they'd sprung up again. It looked like Rainbow Dash was going to win this bet, which was really not great, not at all. Pinkie Pie really wanted that first barrel of the new-recipe cider from the Apple family's farm.

She tossed the straighteners aside. Doing this the ordinary way just wasn't going to work. She hopped her way out of the house and started hunting for rocks. There were lots of tiny pebbles but she ignored each and every last one of them. For this to work, she'd need rocks at least the size of her hoof. It looked like the biggest rocks had gone on holiday to rock holiday island to sip rocktails on a rock beach (or would that be like lying on ponies at the beach? Better make it sand, to be safe!) and wouldn't be back in time for her master plan. She settled on some moderate sized ones, reasoning that she could always ask where Tom, the boulder Rarity had mistaken for an enormous diamond, had gotten to if this plan failed.

Tying rocks to the ends of her hair was pretty painful, but Pinkie Pie focused on that sugary sweet cider she'd get if she managed it. A whole barrel, all to herself! When her pile of rocks was completely depleted, she bounded over to a mirror, expecting to see at least downwards-facing hair. She drooped. Her hair was still upright, but now it looked like a quarry. She'd be needing Tom after all.

First-Person Sample:

This is the best place ever! You know my party cannon? How can you not, I mean I never leave home without it.

[She pauses.]

I mean, I didn't. I don't have it with me now. Isn't that strange? Anyway, so my party cannon is getting a little bit old and rusty and it's also not here. It can only shoot out streamers and confetti. Only streamers! And confetti! Can you imagine a party with only streamers and confetti and no balloons, no table cloths, no party blowers?

[Eyes wide, she throws her front legs out in horror, and takes her first breath since she started talking.]

It would be so awful! And can you imagine not even having the streamers and confetti? What was I thinking, not bringing it here?

[Another pause, with Pinkie tapping her nose thoughtfully.]

I guess I wasn't. I mean, how did I get here? Huh.

[She brightens up and resumes talking rapidly.]

But I was looking around my new room and guess what? Inside the closet was a brand new party cannon which shoots balloons, table cloths, party blowers, confetti, streamers and – wait for it – no, it's too exciting, I've got to tell you right now! It shoots masks! Masks!

[She dashes off-screen. There's a blast of cannon fire. She returns with a pink mask on her face, an orange one in her hair and too many to count in her front legs.]

Who wants to come to a masquerade party, huh? You're all invited! It can be my welcome to whatever this place is party!



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