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[ February 3rd - 6th] It's a pity we can’t all just sit with a fine meal and discuss our issues like gentlefolk!: ...Try to mind your manners.

Don't Fear the Reaper – Blue Oyster Cult
Mirror: The Killing Type – Amanda Palmer

[ February 17th - 21st] So go, and love your precious dreams of happiness and maybes.: Live there until they won't let you live a moment longer.
Come on Home – Franz Ferdinand
Mirror: Ain't Coming Home - Silvertide

[ March 16th - 18th ] So go on!: The fresh air will be good for you!
Peace of Mind – Boston
Mirror: Still Life – Iron Maiden

[ April 27th - 30th ] The best cure is distraction: Take your mind far, far away...absorb something else for a bit
Hollywood – Marina and the Diamonds
Mirror: Hollywood - Madonna

[ May 17th - 21st ] But I think I've had enough of the chess theme: Haven't you?
MEDIC – Team Fortress 2 Soundtrack
Mirror: Crush My Battle Opponent's Balls - Dethklok

[ June 1st - 3rd ] A magic potion to cure all the ails that ail you: Or ills you. Or makes you nauseous.
5 o'Clock in the Morning – The Donnas
Mirror: You're No Rock 'n' Roll Fun - Sleater-Kinney

[ June 14th - 18th ] Salvio Hexia...Protego...Prior Incanto: Point Me to the kitchens
Hedwig's Theme – Harry Potter OST
Mirror: The Magician – Bruce Dickinson

[ June 27th - July 3rd ] Naught that it is beyond my capabilities, mined U: Its just the singing & the buzzing & the constant chatter.
Talk that Talk - Rihanna
Mirror: Enjoy the Silence – Lacuna Coil

[ July 20th - 22nd ] You always do get into things: and I'm the one who ends up having trouble.
Bad Kids – Lady Gaga
Mirror: Do it for the Kids – Velvet Revolver

[ August 4th - 6th ] If we never had anything to do, we would be staring at the walls all the time, waiting for the wall paper to start moving about on its own: I imagine we'd all go terribly mad.
Fixin' to Thrill - Dragonette
Mirror: Sleeping Away - Sinamore

[ August 18th - 21st ] I have a heavy feeling in my paws: like a dark sun rolling through a dark sky.
Dead Gardens - Nightwish
Mirror: Monster – Kanye West

[ August 31st – September 3rd] Anything but...but that! Not that!: nononononononono
Slave to the Parasites - Hypocrisy
Mirror: Invaders Must Die – The Prodigy

[ September 15th - 19th ] Do you think now is the same as then?: Only if you can make it so.
Memories – Within Temptation
Mirror: Lost Not Forgotten - Dream Theatre

[ September 28th - October 1st ] People should just do what they feel like: Especially when the beds are this comfortable.
Diamond in the Rough - Airbourne
Mirror: Please Don't Touch – Motorhead & Girlschool

[ October 13th - 15th ] Do you think people ever get the wrong idea about us?: ......Nohow.
Tim, I wish you were born a girl – Of Montreal
Mirror: Tired of You – Foo Fighters

[ November 10th - 13th ] Showing off, is that something anyone wants to see?: ... If I had any interest in learning of it, you never asked me.
Medication – Garbage
Mirror: Meds - Placebo

[ November 24th - 26th ] That's the ticket!: It suits me perfectly.
Perfect Fit – The Dresden Dolls
Mirror: Amerika - Rammstein

[ December 8th - 10th ] It would have to be some kind of fantastic adventure!: The kind of adventure that's just scary enough.
Powerslave – Iron Maiden
Mirror: Monster Mash – Bobby "Boris" Picket and the Cryptkeepers
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