May. 2nd, 2012

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Here are the awards Pinkie has set out for all the lovely people in Wonderland that she's met. If she's met someone and they're not on the list, poke me and I will get them an award! And if she hasn't met them, get an award nomination from someone and it can go on here too. Or you can just act all hurt at the party and she will probably give them two awards.

The awards themselves are little silver trophies with their name (as Pinkie does or doesn't know it) and their award title. Wrapped around the stem of these trophies is a medal with the same, because she is all about overkill. You may notice that she doesn't know your character's name, however, so she's had to make up something that will hopefully make sense to the person supposed to receive the trophy. Their actual names as shown in square brackets will not be on the awards unless they ask Pinkie to remake them.

Without further ado, the awards:

Rainbow Dash - Best at Making the Sky Pretty

Rarity - Most Talented Dressmaker

Zuko - Most Honourable Prince (nominated by Aang)

Sokka - Being Hungry All the Time (nominated by Aang)

Katara - Best Sweetie (nominated by Aang)

Aang - Cosmic Mysticism and Junk and Being a World Bridge (nominated by Sokka)

Aradia - Best at Being a Ghost All the Time as Well as Being a Robot

Vriska - For Having Pretty Butterfly Wings

Pretty Girl Human Who is Absolutely Not Cranky [Santana] - Prettiest Hair

Jay - Best Script Supervisor

Dave - For Being a Heroic Ninja Who Should Totally Tell Stories About His Acts of Heroism (nominated by John)

John - Best New Word and Club Maker Person

Really Round Bird [Shuu] - Best Talking Bird

Rei - Best Tent Buddy and Very Much Missed

Rei's Fish - Cutest Fish in Wonderland

Minato - Best Fish Daddy

Human Guy Who is Kind to Ghosts [Jonathan] - Best at Understanding the Importance of Parties

Kind Human Whose Name I Should Have Asked For [Yuu]- Best at Drawing Queen Pinkie and Providing Info to the Mysterious Batmare

That Tiny Superhero [Kenny] - Best at Forming Alliances with the Mysterious Batmare

Philip - Best Kitchen Helper

That Vampire Who Still Hasn't Given Me a Treat [Sherlock] - Best at Being a Vampire With No Vampire Teeth (Note attached - Award to be given only when candy is received.)

John - Kindest Doctor to Injured Vampires

Girl With Longest Hair [Rapunzel, duh] - Most Original Camera-work

T - For Having Best Taste in Animals and Cupcakes

Human Girl from Panem [Katniss] - Best at Looking After Her Family in Spite of a Mean Princess

Mohawk Guy [Puck] - Best at Using Odd Words

Battler - Best Food Fighter and Debater (Non-Politician Rank)

Prussia - Most Brotherly Brother and Also Being Filled with Factories

Elaine - Best at Kindly Answering Questions

Anri - Best at Recommending Teas

Guy With the Key [Moriarty] - Best at Alerting the Batmare to Suspicious Scenes

Guy Who Wrote in Code [Sollux] - Best at Stopping Societies from Collapsing in Ruin

That Horse Who Couldn't Talk [Equius] - Best at Surviving Without Being Able to Talk



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